The Stain On Pink Shirt Day

From a reader…

“Out of the mouth of babes’, or maybe I should say into the mouth of babes.

So I explained to my son today why he wasn’t going to school. He would not be part of the conditioning process PINK SHIRT DAY.

So he says, Mom, last year when I asked if I had to wear a pink flower(cause he didn’t come in a pink shirt), I was told I had to and if I didn’t it was like I was being a bully’. Then he says, Mom, and if somebody in the class wouldn’t wear pink than our class wouldn’t get a prize.’

I thought this was an anti-bullying campaign.

We talked about why his friend doesn’t eat beef, and that he is honouring his parents ,even though he may not know exactly why. I explained that men having sex with men and women having sex with women (and every variation thereof) is a decision for adults, and is not a practice children should be conditioned to think about, just as sex itself is not a child’s activity.

PINK SHIRT DAY is a smoke screen, and it is the soap box of effecting political change through victimhood arguments. Remember it is a ‘anti-bullying campaign’.

I might send this to the Human Rights Tribunal, our new Premier, the school and my political representatives. Depends how my day goes. Wish I had thought earlier and acted earlier.