Sign The Sun News CRTC Petition

Our fight for the Sun News Network has just taken a troubling turn.

As you know, we’ve applied to the CRTC for a must-carry licence to bring Sun News on a level playing field with our competitors.

But that fight is getting ugly. In the final hours of the CRTC’s official comment period, far left-wing activists from the United States are trying to hijack the process and flood the regulator with opposition to our bid. We can’t let them get away with this.

There is one final thing you can do: double-down on your existing support and forward this email. Get at least three other people you know to sign our online petition at before it’s too late.

Go to to sign the petition support the application by Sun News for mandatory distribution on analog and digital basic service in Canada –  Ezra Levant

So far, 82 people have applied to appear before the panel to speak in favour of Sun’s application while 27 are opposed. The regulator has received 7,888 submissions, 5,100 in favour of the application, 2,771 against, not including online petitions.” h/t Sanwin