Muslim Hypocrites Want Gavin Boby Barred From Canada

Muslim missionaries blast British ‘mosquebusting’ lawyer’s message

OTTAWA — ‘Mosquebusting’ techniques espoused by a well-known British lawyer at an Ottawa speech earlier this month are akin to hate speech and should not have been allowed, a small group from Ottawa’s Muslim community heard at the Ottawa Public Library main branch Saturday.

“We should not allow (people like Boby) to come into this country. They are teaching against what the father’s of this country has said.”

Here’s a whopper: Another AMJ missionary, Imtiaz Ahmed, told the audience that Boby’s claims about Muslim’s being violent and unruly are provocative and untrue.

Hypocrite much? The two “missionaries” are members of the Ahmadiyya cult of Islam, The Sunnis hate them, The Shia hate them and the Ahmadiyya in turn hate the Sunni and the Shia.

This is what the Ahmadiyya’s false prophet, Mirza Ghulam, says about followers of the other guys false Prophets.

“Mirza Ghulam Ahmed unequivocally called his non-followers (Muslims) links here and here:

“non-Muslims” (tazkira-e majmu’a-e ilhamat, pg. 600),
“complete kafir(s)” (infidels) (Kalimatul-fasl, p. 110)
“bastards” (walad ul-haram) (Anwar ul-Islam, pg. 30, RK vol. 9, pg. 31)
“children of whores” (dhuriyyat ul-baghayaa) (A’ina-e Kamalat-e Islam, pg 547-548)
“swines… and their women have become worse than bitches” (Najm ul-Huda, pg. 53)

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