Education Crisis In Canada: White Privileged Kids Don’t Know Whose Flag To Salute

York Region high school in flap over Confederate flag

A high school in York Region has banned a controversial flag long synonymous with America’s Deep South, but also with prejudice and racism.

“I didn’t even know it was racist,” said Grade 12 student Jess Pasco, as her friend agreed. “Then I Googled it.”

This is what happens when you stop teaching history, let alone your own history in schools.

It’s also probably not a good idea to teach your students that only white people can be racist as this York School Board lesson plan does. It’s all about White Privilege and instructs that our values and society are intrinsically racist and that children are racist simply for having been born with white skin. Now turn that around… are all Chinese good at math? Are all people with hooked noses Jews? Are black skinned people all on welfare?

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