Gypsy..Oops… Roma Phony Refugee Claims Down 98%

New rules see refugee asylum claims decline

“Canada has seen a dramatic drop in the number of refugees seeking asylum here after Ottawa began fast-tracking applications from countries where it feels people are less likely to be persecuted.

Senior government sources say that on average, 164 foreigners are claiming asylum weekly in 2013, down nearly 70 per cent from the average weekly claim for the past five years, which was 537. This is based on data for the first seven weeks of 2013.

One of the biggest changes is the number of asylum seekers from Hungary, previously the No. 1 source of unfounded claims. The number of claims filed by Hungarians since new rules took effect this past December is seven, down 98 per cent from 412 in the same period a year earlier.

Personally I think the Hungarian billboard campaign really made an impact.

However the communists at City Hall remain determined to bankrupt you: Council reaffirms commitment to offer services to undocumented workers h/t M