Pakistani Consulate Gets A TV Show Yanked

An Open Letter to the Pakistan Consulate in Toronto by the host of a Canadian TV show on Rawal TV, Tahir Aslam Gora, whose show was cancelled due to alleged interference and bullying by the Government of Pakistan.

“I spent a fair amount of time to investigate why my talk-show video had been removed from Rawal TV’s website and its YouTube channel. Now I have learnt that some of Pakistan Consulate officials in Toronto pressurized Rawal TV to remove my show.

Some of these Pakistani officials are even my Facebook friends. Shame on them & shame on Pakistan’s dictatorial mindset establishment. This is clearly against the diplomatic norms.

I have confirmed reports, these Pakistani shouted at the owners of Canada’s Rawal TV and used all sorts of unethical, undiplomatic and tribal tactics to force them to drop my show.

Unfortunately, an unprofessional Islamist cameraman working for Rawal TV helped the Pakistan Consulate’s bullying and intimidation. This cameraman shouted at my guests, the Hindu Pandits, even during the recording of the episode.”

The Yanked Video! h/t Sanwin