Goblin Beheading Or Other Sorcery Likely Cause Of Explosion That Killed 5

Zengeza blast caused by goblin: survivor

“In the absence of an official explanation, neighbours have been filling in the gaps for an expectant media – and some of the theories put forward beggar belief.

Yet Banda, hospitalised after being struck by shrapnel from the blast, is not just another neighbour. She was at Mandere’s rented home as a consultant – herself boasting supernatural powers – for a cleansing ceremony to kill what she describes as a troublesome GOBLIN brought by businessman, Clever Kamuyedza, and his wife, Svodai.

Banda has no doubt why they gathered on a hot afternoon on January 21. They were to take a “money-making goblin” from Kamuyedza which had turned hostile by making “extreme demands”.

h/t Flea