Don’t You Want To Live In A Socialist Paradise Like Sweden?

Here’s 3 reasons why!

1) Swedish court upholds tabloid gun crime verdict

In 2010, Expressen published an article in which a journalist had purchased illegal weapons in Malmö. The decision to buy a gun followed a spate of fatal shootings in the southern city, most of which were suspected to have links to organized crime networks. The reporter managed to buy a gun within a few hours, which the newspaper chose to write about before its staff handed the weapon over to the police.

He and his bosses were subsequently charged for violating Sweden’s weapons laws.

2) Out-of-hours police turn away murder suspect

A 45-year-old man wanted in connection with the 2011 killing of a gang leader in Malmö tried to turn himself in on Monday, only to be told that the local police station was closed.

3) Suicide bomber lived off Swedish student aid

He got pay-outs after he blew up!