TDSB Teachers Shocked! Shocked! That Board Hiring Policy Memo Discriminates Against White Women!

“We were shocked,” said one TDSB teacher, who requested anonymity. “They’re not willing to look at anyone who is white and female, but it should go to the person who is best for the job.

Shocked! How? Their unions and the board have been pushing for this for years. Did they think they were immune?
Look girls declare yourself to be men in transition and you’ll get a job lickety split, just lie on your CV, the TDSB loves that stuff.

“School leaders should make an effort to hire and retain transgender and gender non-conforming staff.” See page 9 of this TDSB document.

Why do I suspect the Globe left out that Trannies get preferential treatment in that memo?

I see elsewhere in the Globe that the Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne’s Throne Speech is going to focus on making a more “fair society.”

I guess this is it Ladies, your unions supported the Liberals all these years suck it up.