Shocka! Detroit Declared Financial Basket Case Incapable Of Fixing Itself!

Financial emergency grips Detroit, no fix in sight, state review team decides

“We believe there’s a financial emergency in place in the city and there’s no plan in place to correct it,” state Treasurer Andy Dillon said in a press conference this afternoon. “…It would be very, very challenging for Detroit to fix its problems under its current governance.”

This soap opera will take close to another year to unfold with bankruptcy almost certain.
The Detroit Free Press runs a section of reader submitted photo’s called Detroit Self-Portrait, it’s an effort at civic boosterism. Some try to paint the city in a positive light, many are brutally honest.
The caption for this pic reads: On my first visit to Wayne State, I observed this blood stain on the sidewalk just outside the Welcome Center entrance. I thought to myself, That is the Detroit that everyone hides from when they rave about this city.