“Homosexuals should be executed” says UK university speaker

“Homosexuals would be executed” says Islamist speaker at campus event

Footage seen by Student Rights has revealed shocking statements made at an event at Manchester University, showing various Islamist speakers promoting ideas such as the execution of homosexuals and the amputation of thieves’ hands.

UPDATE: The University of Manchester Student Union Executive team has released a short statement in which it has announced an investigation into both the comments made by the speaker and the methods used to obtain the information.

Uppitydate: The most astonishing “Muslims are the real victims here” statement evah!

Upperdate: Death threats to UK’s top Muslim MP who voted for gay marriage

Britain’s most senior Muslim MP has received death threats after voting in favour of gay marriage. Police have told Sadiq Khan, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, that the threats are credible enough that he should review the security around him and his family following the Commons vote.

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