Islamist Ingrid Mattson Tells Muslims To Go Native & Not Integrate In Canadian Society

“Dr. Ingrid Mattson then asked the audience some provocative questions, “What is the Canadian Islam that we want? What is the Canada that we are trying to be part of? What are we rooting ourselves into?”

“I think the reality is that if Canadian Muslims are trying to squeeze ourselves always into a kind of Anglo-Canadian or French-Canadian identity, justifying ourselves in those cultural terms, it would be problematic, it would always be a little bit of an awkward fit,” she proposed.

“We should examine this third founding (Aboriginal) identity, in fact the original founding identity, and I think, if we do that, we will find that there are values and practices and beliefs that are often more amenable to us as Muslims.”

Note that this speech was given at the opening of the New Khomeini House Of Wudu at U of T’s Emmanuel College.

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