Toronto Star Is Shocked! Shocked! To Learn That Immigration Policy Is Meant To Discriminate

The Star article; Canada’s immigration history one of discrimination and exclusion, is yet another idiotic plea for open borders. This latest drivel attempts to link past injustices like the St. Louis episode to today’s more prudent efforts to manage immigration.

“Today, the country no longer discriminates based on the colour of an applicant’s skin or religion. But simply having an immigration policy discriminates or excludes certain people in one form or another, says Harold Troper, an immigration historian at the University of Toronto and co-author of None is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe.

The government rejects certain occupations, requires certain language skills, and makes immigration officers available in only certain parts of the world.”

The Star has attempted to attach a false “racist” context to the Professor Troper’s remarks that any sensible immigration policy will, by necessity, discriminate. Discrimination, even prejudice, are not always bad things, otherwise you’ll have Gypsy Caravans camped out in the lobby of No. 1 Yonge St. I’d expect to read tripe like this on No One Is Illegal’s web site, but then again I shouldn’t be surprised that the Star resides in Turtle Island Lullaby Land as well.