Local Khomeinist Arse-Lickers Get A Visit From CSIS

“The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service agents appeared at my door last month, on Jan 25. They said they knew I’d visited Iran and written about it in The Hamilton Spectator. They wanted to know about my relationship with Iran’s government.

I told them my views on Iran were public, asked for their cards, politely declined to comment further, and closed the door. Later, I received a call from Zafar Bangash, imam of the York Region Islamic Society, inviting me to an event about Kashmir.

I told Imam Bangash about my CSIS visitors. He remarked: “CSIS agents visited me, too. They were on a fishing expedition, looking for informers. But, whatever explicit message they deliver, the underlying message is: ‘We know what you’re doing and we’re watching you.’ In other words, intimidation. I hope you didn’t speak with them.”

You’ll remember Ken Stone – he’s the Ass-Wipe who used the picture of a wounded Israeli child to highlight the “suffering” in Gaza.  Noted Crazy Muslim Zafar Bangash needs no introduction.
h/t MG