Religious Freedom Office Ambassdor To Be Named At Event In Ahmadiyya Community Centre

“OTTAWA – The Conservative government is expected to unveil its long-awaited office of religious freedom – and its ambassador – next Tuesday.

A raft of invitations went out last week to religious groups across Canada for an event at an Ahmadiyya Muslim – an often-persecuted Muslim minority sect – community centre in suburban Toronto.

Oh! Oh!
As the pic illustrates there is no love between Sunni and Ahmadiyya in Toronto…   
“Mirza Ghulam Ahmed unequivocally called his non-followers (Muslims): “non-Muslims” (tazkira-e majmu’a-e ilhamat, pg. 600),
“complete kafir(s)” (infidels) (Kalimatul-fasl, p. 110)

“bastards” (walad ul-haram) (Anwar ul-Islam, pg. 30, RK vol. 9, pg. 31)

“children of whores” (dhuriyyat ul-baghayaa) (A’ina-e Kamalat-e Islam, pg 547-548, RK vol. 5, pg. 547-548)
“swines… and their women have become worse than bitches” (Najm ul-Huda, pg. 53, RK vol. 14, pg. 53)