Iceland Seeks To Ban Icebergs

Well, internet porn actually, they’d likely have better luck with icebergs.

“Iceland’s government, lead by the militant lesbian feminist Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir from the Social Democratic Party (aligned to the Socialist International) is now planning to implement Internet filters, similar to the ones being used in Iran and China, in order to censor Internet porn in the country[1]. Moreover, they also plan to make it illegal for people to use Icelandic credit or debit cards to purchase pay-per-view pornography over the internet.

Iceland has a history of this kind of action.

In 2010, the Icelandic government banned strip clubs, lap dancing or paying for nudity in restaurants and in 2011, the government also made it illegal for one to print porn or to sell pornographic material. So this is basically an extension of the law to Internet porn.

The fact that Dubai bans lap dancing for Islamic reasons and Iceland did it for feminist reasons describes the best way possible the synergy between two totalitarian ideologies. The end result is the same.”

Björk is from Iceland