Minneapolis Multicultural Food Fight Gets Out Of Hand

“I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people,” she said. “They want their pride back for something. I don’t know.”

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A number of police cars responded to Minneapolis South High School Thursday after an alleged food fight escalated into a melee involving 200 to 300 students.

The school posted a note on its website stating the it went on a precautionary code yellow lockdown due to “a food fight that escalated into a physical fight.”

Raw footage on the Multiculty Munchy Melee

The comments are a hoot! “More fuel for the folks who want to ban chicken nuggets, corndogs and hamburgers. We must come together and ban food that fits the definition of an assault food. We don’t need high capacity vegan salads or tactical macaroni and cheese. Back in my day kids could carry their lunch to school and no one batted an eye. Stop the insanity, when will everyone agree that Soylent Green is the only safe food product?”

h/t chayisun