Embassies of influence

“Last week, such an event was organized in Mississauga by a group called the “Friends of Kashmir”, where Toronto’s Pakistani Consul General spoke as the chief guest.

A handful of Members of Parliament were billed as guest speakers, but when questions arose about the Pakistani consulate’s involvement in the event, all of the invited politicians became no-shows, leaving it for local MP Brad Butt to offer a brief speech before he, too, took his leave.

Perhaps Fadden’s warning has finally started to sink in. However, outside the event, another Canadian politician with his sights on the leadership of the Liberal Party had set up tent. Supporters of Justin Trudeau were signing up the participants of the “seminar“.

This is video of the event. No wonder the MP’s backed out! What a rogues gallery, Jew Hater Zafar Bangash, Sid Lacombe, and it looks like Iranian arse-licker and Canadian Peace Alliance stooge James Clark has converted to Islam, that’s one ugly beard he’s sportin.