Stephen Harper is right not to trust the history establishment

“…When Granatstein’s seminal Who Killed Canadian History? first appeared in 1998, it came as a bit of a shock. Most Canadians weren’t aware that Canada is one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t teach even a vaguely positive history of itself to its children. In place of a national history, Granatstein argued, Canadian students were learning mostly faddish social histories, if they were learning any history at all.

Here it is 15 years later, and matters are no better. Only four provinces require Canadian history to be taught in high schools. In the universities, political and economic historians are now a tiny minority. Legions of cultural and social historians concern themselves with increasingly fragmented subcategories of race, class and gender.

If it’s “a proud national story rooted in the great deeds of our ancestors” you’re after, the very last place to go looking for it would be the history faculty of a Canadian university.”

Canadian 5th armoured division Sherman Tank in Holland, 1945

h/t AS