Jeff Boss for Mayor of NYC – It can’t be any worse than Bloomberg

I somehow ended up on this guys campaign email list. Hell he can’t be any worse than Big Gulp Bloomberg.

My name is Jeff Boss and I am running for Mayor of New York City, I am a whistle blower on the National Security Agency. I witnessed the NSA arrange the 911 attacks. I have the proof.

I need your donations to help me win the Mayor’s race in New York City. When I win I will put up an Internet college for all NYC residents, so that everyone’s undergraduate and graduates degrees are free. For all degrees, including law, medical, masters, business, PHD’S, etc.

I will build 1 million new housing in the city and finance the deal over 100 years in order to bring down the rent to under $200.00 per month for a 1 bedroom. I want to change the law so that dogs maybe brought into restaurants and clubs, like they are in France.

You can read his entire platform here.

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