Yoo Hoo! Thomas Mulcair! I Found Some Evil Religious People Who Get Government Money!

I bet you’ll be just chompin at the bit after readin this huh Tommy? Come on Tommy! Let Rip! Tear into these Evil Muslims just like you tore into those Evil Christians! Come on Tommy! Let’s Hear It!

You Lying Sack Of Shit Hypocrite.

$100,000.00 Of your Tax Dollars were paid to the Jamiatul Muslemeen of Ottawa-Carleton last year under the federal government’s SIP program. The SIP program’s purpose is to “Improve and enhance the safety of Canadian communities at risk of hate-motivated crime through the enhancement of their security infrastructure.”

The Jamiatul Muslemeen of Ottawa-Carleton runs the Jami Omar mosque. On their web site, under “useful links”, you are directed to two sites.

1) The Canadian Council Of Theologians
2) Albalagh

From the The Canadian Council Of Theologians

“Allah does not glance towards that man who approaches another man or a woman (for fulfilling his sexual desires) in (their) anus.” (Tirmithi: 1165)

And Allah Knows Best, Shaykh Omar Subedar, Darul Iftaa, Jam’iyyatul Ulama Canada CCMT

From the  Albalagh site – in their “Childrens” section you have access to this article, A Brief Historical Survey of Jewish Persecution

“but the question still lingers: why is the persecution of Jews more publicized than any other form of hate? Why is being anti-Jewish considered more evil than being anti-anything-else? The answer – no doubt, a very complex issue – is deeply tangled in the fact that exaggerating Jewish sufferings is actually a crucial means of garnering more support for the Zionist state of Israel.”

Holy Hypocrites