Who’s Using Gandhi for the Purposes of Semi-Covert Da’wa? Any Hindus Out There Bothered By That?

The government of Iran is running TTC bus ads.

The folks behind this are operatives of the Iranian government – read the section on the Ahlul Bayt Society in this report by Memri.

Their goal is to spread Khomeinist doctrine. The pic announces this year’s local Khomeini luv in. The organization hosting this disgusting event is mentioned in the Memri report – The Council of Islamic Guidance www.cig.ca.

Women hanged in Iran   h/t P

This was the original announcement from an earlier post detailing the sordid history behind the local group, the ISIJ, carrying out Iran’s orders. The Maulanas who run the ISIJ founded the Ahlul Bayt Bayt Assembly branch in Canada – see the Memri report cited above.