Sharia Law: Extremism the Government Ignores

“The Islamic Sharia Council of Britain believes a woman’s word is worth half of a man’s, it also believes that men should be allowed to beat and rape their wives and that divorce should be the right of a man but available to women only with male permission.

The kind of society they wish for – an Islamist society – is one where death is the punishment for homosexuality and adultery, where apostates are killed and non-believers subjugated, and where freedom of speech is blasphemous.

Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of sharia in Britain however is the sanctioned rape of thousands of young girls (some as young as five) under the guise of “marriage” and carrying on with impunity in sharia councils and mosques all over the country. The Sunday Times has proved that this is happening, as has the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation.

The Islamic Sharia Council is an extremist and misogynistic body run by theocrats; some of whom are linked with the “moderate” Muslim Council of Britain.”