OHRC Demands Town of Northeastern Manitoulin Accommodate Thieving Fighting Addicts To Point Of Undue Hardship

“In its December 19 letter, the Town indicates that it has received complaints that clients of the clinic are interfering with the public’s use of the sidewalk, shoplifting from local stores, and fighting in the street. We understand that the Town takes the position that, as a result of these and other reported incidents, dispensing methadone at the clinic creates a public nuisance and danger to health, and as such is in breach of By-law 2002-31.

While the Town indicates that it has investigated the complaints and determined that they are legitimate, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) questions whether the Town has established a causal link between providing methadone services and the events described.

Even if a causal link is found, the Town would have to show that it tried to accommodate the clinic’s users to the point of undue hardship, as receipt of health services is a “service” under the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code).”