A long overdue counterblast to the Left’s thinking on Islamists

“A three year open sore within the human rights community will be closed this evening when Gita Sahgal officially launches her new organisation, the Centre for Secular Space, at Toynbee Hall. Sahgal will also be launching the group’s first report, ‘Double Bind: The Muslim Right, the Anglo-American Left, and Universal Human Rights’ highlighting the ongoing scandal of the left’s promiscuous embrace of radical Islamists.

The story of Gita Sahgal has been covered before but is worth revisiting. A lifelong human rights activist, Sahgal worked on issues relating to women’s rights, religious extremism, and racism before heading up the Gender Unit at Amnesty International. Then, three years ago she was dramatically sacked after expressing concern at the way the group was embracing deeply reactionary Islamists.”

A welcome rebuttal From Tom: The article is whoppingly wrong, deceitful, self-aggrandizing and misleading.

Almost all of its operating assumptions, implicit and explicit, are wrong.

“In a period of right wing attacks on Muslims”

What right wing attacks on muslims? name 3.
There are way more attacks on jews
also, why the presumption the 3 attacks are by the right wing, what’s the evidence?
there are more muslim-on-muslim attacks falsely blamed on “islamaphobes” than actual attacks on muslims

“When the US invokes the oppression of Muslim women to sanctify war”

what war has been started by the US triggered by the oppression of muslim women?

what US war has ever been “sanctified”

“What do we mean by the Muslim right? I define it as”

she’s making up a distinction that does not exist, in order to sanctify her own political blinders seeing the left as good and the right as bad

“But surely we have to oppose all varieties of right wing politics”


“Leftists often hold back from talking about the Muslim right”

because you just made up the term! leftists also hold back from talking about blingbatz, which are a muslim minority i made up

“Since the end of the Cold War, secular spaces all over the world have come under siege by various forms of fundamentalism”

oh yeah, islam is just another colored crayon in the box of different religions … except islam is only 25% of the world population and is involved in 90% of the world’s wars.

The article, Double Bind: tied up in knots on the left, hurts my brain too much to keep reading.