Another Saunders Special

Canada’s looking for terrorists in all the wrong places

“Not only are they not immigrants, but they don’t tend to be found within “parallel society” immigrant enclaves. “None appeared to have been marginalized within Canadian society,” CSIS says, and the great majority appear “highly integrated into Canadian society.” And they aren’t radicalized by attending a mosque.”

That paragraph, from Doug Saunders’ latest opinion piece is risible. Saunders’ conclusions more so. The fact that the Jihadis are well integrated illustrates the contempt they hold for Canada despite all the opportunity this country has provided them. See how multiculturalism works! We have 2nd generation Jihadis, born in Canada, but no parallel society exists according to Doug!

The two CSIS reports I link to below indicate that they do in fact swim in a parallel society. As an aside, I read the report linked in Saunders article, at no point does the term “parallel society” appear. Why did he chose to put that term in quotes? Perhaps to imply it was contained in the report in order to lend his “opinion” some weight?

If no parallel society exists then why does the 2nd CSIS report focus on the wide number of venues where radicalization takes place? High schools, The family home, mosques, all point to the existence of a parallel society but according to Saunders Jihadis in Canada are borne of some kind of vacuum – absent Islam and immigrant communities. Well I’ll be.

From Feb 2012, report – Canadian teens being exposed to Islamic extremism in high schools: CSIS

In an Intelligence Assessment, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says that in two recent cases, suspects charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act “appear to have been radicalized in part while attending Canadian secondary school institutions.” While high school years are a time of “exploration and idealism,” the report says “exposure to violent ideologies at this potentially vulnerable stage can set in motion a series of developments that can lead to actual acts of violence.”

From Jan 13 2013 – Islamist extremists radicalizing Canadians at ‘a large number of venues,’ secret report reveals

While mosques with hardline imams are often singled out for spreading violent Islamist ideology, the study found that radicalization has been taking place at a much longer list of locales.

“Radicalization is not limited to religious centres,” says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, titled Venues of Sunni Islamist Radicalization in Canada.

The heavily censored report identifies the role of prisons, the Internet and foreign travel in turning some Canadians into extremists who wage or support violence. But it also points a finger at the family home.