The price of citizenship

“Muslim organizations fighting to eradicate the curse of terrorism from Canada must support this bill. Thus far only the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has endorsed it. MCC president Salma Siddiqui said in a statement recently that “a number of Canadians have been training in terrorist camps in Pakistan and plan to return to Canada to carry out their global jihad. We must ensure these men and women are stripped of their citizenship before they can re-enter Canada.” The brave stance the MCC has taken needs to be embraced by all Canadian Muslims if a strong message is to be sent to the jihadists that there should be no violence in the name of Islam — or in the name of Canada.”


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Recently, MP Devinder Shory, CPC MP for Calgary Northeast, introduced Private Members Bill C-425, Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship, that would restore to the Citizenship Act powers to effectively revoke citizenship from Canadian dual citizens who go abroad and commit an act of war against Canada. Bill C-425 would also allow permanent residents who have signed a minimum three-year contract with the CanadianForces to gain citizenship one year earlier than normal.

Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship

The Government is considering expanding this bill to include automatically stripping Canadian citizenship from dual citizens convicted of committing terrorist acts. It is our belief that anyone who commits a terrorist act in Canada or abroad has clearly renounced their Canadian citizenship by rejecting Canadian values and the loyalty to our country that citizenship requires. Most Western democracies, including Australia and the United Kingdom, already have the authority to revoke citizenship from terrorists.

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