Les Militaribles – Les Miserables ROKAF (Republic of Korea Air Force) Parody / 레미제라블 공군 패러디 ( With Eng Subtitles)

Les Militaribles

“A military parody of one of the greatest movies of 2012, “Les Miserables”!

After a great snowstorm Airman Jean Valjean (SSgt Lee) is exhausted from shoveling snow all day, but is delighted to hear that his girlfriend Cosette (1st Lt. Lee) has to come visit him against all odds.

However, his duty officer Lieutenant Javert (Ssgt Kim) is a man of principle and must carry out his orders to clear all the snow in the 22nd Fighter Wing, which leaves Amn(Airman) Valjean with only 10 minutes to spend with Cosette. The choices Amn Valjean has to make betweeen clearing snow and love, the love story that the heavens forbid”