Germany: Even in grade school, other students would yell “Jewish pig,” or: “Hey, Jew, bombed a few Palestinians yet?”

“Armed security guards and security checkpoints watch over Jewish life in Berlin; they stand guard outside the synagogues and the Jewish school. Alter is not happy with the situation, but he accepts it. He has taken to wearing his skullcap hidden underneath a black woolen hat since four young ethnic Arab men last year beat him so badly he was taken to a hospital.

Ahmed Mansour says many ethnic Arab and Turkish people in Germany think like those four young men: he describes them as “latently anti-Semitic.” Mansour is an Israeli Palestinian who has lived and worked in Berlin for nine years. He works in an outreach program and gives workshops on tolerance. Mansour says the families are to blame for the current mood. Many Palestinians fled to Germany during the Arab-Israeli wars, he says: “They are highly traumatized.” They pass on to their children a warped view in which they are the victims and Jews are the offenders, he told DW. “They do not discern between Jews and Israelis. All Jews are held responsible for the Middle East conflict.” Videos in the social media and sermons by hate preachers goad Muslims on, Mansour says.”