Gavin Boby Spoke In Ottawa – CAIR Musters Ottawa Faith Community In Protest – 911 Troofer Nutbar Diana Ralph!

How Pathetic is CAIR-Can? Lame-Assed Pathetic.

Gavin Boby spoke in Ottawa tonight despite the best efforts of the lame assed terror supporters at CAIR-Can to prevent him. On CAIR’s FB page they announced that “Several members of Ottawa’s faith communities will speak about the issue at a news conference just before Mr. Boby is scheduled to speak.”  The “Faith Community” includes some decrepit UCC member, a Quacker, a dubious local Imam and Diana Ralph – well known crazy person.

So who is Diana Ralph?

“In an essay that this IJV honcho contributed to the 2006 book The Hidden History of 9-11, Ms. Ralph argues that the Sept. 11 attacks were not perpetrated by al-Qaeda, but rather by American and Israeli conservatives seeking to implement “a secret, strategic plan to position the U.S. as a permanent unilateral super-power poised to seize control of Eurasia, and thereby the entire world.”

And who created the master plan for all this? Zionists plotting on Israeli soil. “The concept of a ‘war on terror’ pre-dates 9-11 by 22 years,” Ms. Ralph writes in her exposé. “Its seeds were first planted in 1979 at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) organized by Bejamin Netanyahu (future Israeli Prime Minister). [Subsequent Israeli actions] hauntingly foreshadowed the 9-11 ‘attacks’ and the Bush ‘war on terror.’

Brian Lilley interviews Mosquebuster Gavin Boby