Today In “Gee What A Surprise” Muslim Feminist Lies Through Her Teeth

One N. Jerin Arifa wrote the following Steaming Pile Of Muslim Crap:  Islamophobia Encourages Violence Against Women

Aside from the usual appeals to moral and cultural relativism, the little liar is still claiming that Shaima Alawadi’s murder was a hate crime.

“Instead of focusing on the victim or the steps that need to be taken to prevent such a crime from happening again, the crime becomes upheld as a reflection of the otherness of a disdainful culture…affiliating a manifestation of abuse with one culture or community above any other doesn’t solve any problems. It divides, spreading hate and fear,”

making possible hate crimes like the fatal beating of a Muslim-American mother, whose killer left the note “go back to your country.”

I will give her some credit most western “feminists” are useless lying PC cowards, virtually all of the leftist ones certainly.