Canada sends a message to the Gypsies … Ooops Roma

Canada warns Hungarian Roma not to seek asylum

These billboards popped up in the Hungarian city of Miskolc.

Translation: “An announcement from the Government of Canada. To deter abuse, Canada’s refugee system has changed. People with unfounded claims will be sent home faster. Learn more:”

Of course the Mayor of Miskolc ain’t too happy about having his fellow citizens returned… 

“A couple of days after his appearance on national television Kriza announced that he will “keep the criminal elements out of Miskolc by checking whether any of the people who left for Canada also took advantage of social assistance from the city or the central government.” He claimed that he had already found five people who were ineligible and who thereby committed a crime. He got in touch with the police. He will do everything to prevent “these criminals from settling in the city. Moreover, criminals currently residing in Miskolc will be driven out by the authorities.”

He even threatened returning Roma parents that the authorities would take their children away and place them under state supervision.