This seems a little odd…. or is it?

CCA and EAC present reports to Canadian Refugee Board about Pakistani Christians

“Ottawa: February 3, 2013. (PCP) The Evangelical Asian Church (EAC) and Canadian Christian Association (CCA) have thanked the community and friends for helping to achieve a milestone after continuous efforts of over ten months.

After rejection of several cases and disappointments, CCA and EAC wanted to determine the causes and started to review the IRB documentations in spring of 2012.

It presented the finding at World Refugee Day 2012 held on June 20, 2012 in Toronto. This event was hosted jointly by EAC and CCA.

CCA was shocked to find out that around 50% of the registered cases against minorities were for Christians, yet not even a single report was noted in the national documentation. As a result, CCA and EAC gathered a large number of incident reports for Christians, and a delegation on behalf of Evangelical Asian Church and CCA, met with the senior staff of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board in October 2012 at National Headquarter – Ottawa. Due to which IRB started working on a report about Pakistani Christians and other important reports related to religious minorities in Pakistan.”

It seems strange that the IRB – Immigration Review Board would “omit” references to Christian applicants therefore making reporting impossible. Or does it…