Muslim Brotherhood Attempting To Shut Down Gavin Boby Talk In Ottawa

CAIR-Can, the Muslim Brotherhood front group is attempting to shut down a talk by Gavin Boby in Ottawa. CAIR has never spoken out against any of the Muslim Hate preachers that mosques regularly import into Canada.

Muslim group seeks to block library speech by UK ‘mosquebuster’ Gavin Boby

OTTAWA — A Canadian Muslim organization wants the Ottawa Public Library to cancel a speech by a controversial British lawyer who advocates legal tactics to block the construction of new mosques in the U.K.

Self-proclaimed “mosquebuster” Gavin Boby is scheduled to speak at the library on Monday night, the first stop on a Canadian speaking tour that will also take him to Montreal and Toronto.

Boby is the founder of an organization called Law and Freedom Foundation, which he says is devoted to “resisting the tide of Islam” by using the municipal planning process to oppose the building of mosques.