The Mo’down on domestic violence

Following is an excerpt from a post on domestic violence on the blog “Muslim Spice” which describes itself as a counter to the “assimilationist take on Islam” found in the West.

“The Prophet (S) then stated in a khutbah that 50 women had come to him the next day complaining of being beaten and that the Prophet (S) stated to the gathered companions that these men were not the best of them and that he discouraged them from being physical with their wives. We say, notice this extremely important word “discouraged”. Not “forbade”, not “sinful”, not any of the words Muslim feminists use.

“Chaplain Qadhi then addresses women: “If your husband is being physically abusive then get help from those who will help you. From extended family and friends. From society. From the people in the masjid”. Initially Chaplain Qadhi seemed to indicate that this advice applied to any woman being beaten but then seemed to indicate that it applies to those whose lives are being threatened. The demarcation is of critical practical importance and we hope the chaplain clarifies. Also, he needs to clarify what he means by “from society”. Does that include kuffaar sources such as policemen and kuffaar judges? Chaplain Qadhi needs to be extremely careful here in his clarification because women are emotional creatures and they’ll hop on to his words and call cops on their husbands even if their husbands are in the right such as when Abdur Rahman bin Az-Zubair Al-Qurazi (RA) was in the right when he beat his wife green with bruises.

Chaplain Qadhi must be extremely careful here in his clarification because he may unleash social unrest amongst Muslims if he encourages rebellion of wives.”