In accordance with the teachings of Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne’s Juche TDSB Releases Enemies List

For Immediate Release:

The Peoples Education Cadre of the Toronto District School Board, in accordance with the principles of Juche established by Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne have named for the public’s guidance a list of class enemies. If you are on this list please turn yourself in immediately for disablement and gender re-assignment.

The Peoples Enemies List
Being Male
Being White
Being Wealthy
Being Able-Bodied
Being A U.S. Citizen

More Enemies to follow!

This load of Marxist horse-shit is currently found on page 8 of the GLSEN Jump Start Guide – examining Power Privilege and Oppression on the TDSB’s web site. h/t ML

Do you persist in adherence to the banned subversive perversity of the religious opiate?  You are guilty of Faithism!

Die Class Enemy Die! A nest of vipers has been discovered!