David Suzuki, Dirty Old Man

“The grownups at John Abbott College sincerely believed that David Suzuki required the company of attractive, 17 to 19-year-old women during his visit. The dean’s secretary appears to have personally inspected them beforehand. Moreover, Suzuki (as well as others) expressed an opinion about how these young women should be attired.

Ick. Let me say it again: ICK

Suzuki’s nature: When he visited a small college recently, he asked for … female bodyguards

“We all know David Suzuki is a saint. Especially now that he’s 76, and refers to himself in the third person, as “an elder.” Recently, Suzuki told his fellow CBC employee George Stromboulopoulos, “ I feel though, at my age, no one can accuse me of wanting more fame or power or money.”

That’s what he says. But what does he do?”