So Kim Dong Wynne Does Valley Park Middle School Have A GSA?

I bet not. Wynne was a champion of the Mosqueteria at Valley Park. In this letter sent to her Muslim Constituents, prior to the Liberal party convention that saw her foisted on Ontario’s back, she is lauded as a defender of “Freedom Of Religion“.

So long as that religion isn’t Christian. “…Kathleen Wynne dismissed the concerns of those who oppose GSAs, stating that “they are not Christian.”

Wynne The Omnipotent seems to believe she has the power to ex-communicate Christians. Therefore she must declare the Muslims in her riding who oppose her gay agenda “Apostates”.

“I don’t know when and where we lost the Islam-e-Muhammadi, some may argue no we are Muslims and followers of Islam and Quran which God Almighty sent us thru Prophet Muhammad, but I don’t understand one thing how a Lesbian get elected from a heavily populated Muslim Community Thorncliffe Park? A riding where Muslim voters are in Majority? Actually you know, we brought all the miseries for our children including Bill-13 by electing such people and sending them to Queens park to legislate for us and for our children. aren’t we read Quran? where are community Hafiz-e-Quran why they shy away from speaking HAQ why they not discharging their duties to read out related ayaats from Quran and guide people? why Mosque and Musallahs in that area is not playing their role?”

Come on Kim Dong Wynne, issue the death sentence….

h/t Seaboat.