Egypt’s Morsi declares state of emergency in three cities

CAIRO – Egypt’s president declared on Sunday a state of emergency for 30 days in three cities along the Suez Canal that have been the scene of the worst violence that flared across the country at the weekend, killing 49 people.

Mohamed Morsi, propelled to an election victory in June by the Muslim Brotherhood, made the announcement in a televised address after four days of clashes.

This video purports to show Morsi allied snipers atop a government building in Port Said Egypt, note it appears they themselves may be taking fire from protesters.

“this is in Port Said, new reports state that there have been over 45-50 deaths so far in the past 3 days, after large Protests againstt the Muslim Brotherhood and a recent court verdict sentencing 23 people to death over soccer riots. These snipers look to be situated on an Egyptian govt building so they are shooting people with the consent of the ruling Egyptian party the Muslim Brotherhood. It appears that people are firing back at them

h/t golem