An Honest and Horrifying Admission

“There are two words to describe the recent Salon column by liberal writer Mary Williams: horrendous… and honest.

One of the main reasons I have been telling people in speeches, in writing, and on my radio program that I truly believe we are living in the midst of the generation that will end abortion in America is embodied in Williams’ piece. The anti-life left can no longer hide behind some murky confusion of what’s happening in the womb. They can no longer candy-coat what they condone. They can no longer pretend there is some great mystery to when human life begins.”

Bernard Nathanson

“I started changing my mind in 1973, when advanced technology moved into our hospitals and offices. I speak now of ultrasound imaging, fetal heart monitoring electronically, hysteroscopy, fetoscopy—things that gave us a window into the womb. Over a period of 3 or 4 years, I mulled over these technologies and what they revealed”, Nathanson told The Interim, a Canadian pro-life newspaper in 2009. He recalled that, as a medical student, he was told that science couldn’t answer the question of whether the fetus is a human life. By 1974, he wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine: “There is no longer serious doubt in my mind that human life exists within the womb from the very onset of pregnancy, despite the fact that the nature of the intrauterine life has been the subject of considerable dispute in the past.”

h/t ds & BatB