4 Rules For a More Grown Up Cable News Culture

Cable news in its current format — the breathless pace, the reliance upon what seems to be one rather odd individual’s worn out, twenty year old Rolodex for “expert” guests (Dick Morris!?) — has been with us since CNN launched in 1980.

Despite all the criticism and parody, that format is so entrenched I doubt it can be dramatically altered.

However, if you’ll forgive a foreigner for boasting, we Canadians might be able to offer a few tips.

The Sun News Network debuted up here a few years ago. Dubbed “FOX News North” by liberal detractors even before it aired, Sun, being new, had no “bad habits” to unlearn, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to start from scratch and thus avoid some of its predecessors’ mistakes.

Meanwhile Andrew Coyne’s Inner Liberal slips out. His column today amounts to a smear of SunTV, offering no realistic solutions despite his efforts to dress his opinion up as conservative commentary.

Ezra and Coyne had a great Twitter fight last night – Ezra walloped him.

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