Until we learn to be as single-minded as the fanatics – at home and abroad – we’re ALL hostages

“The immediate response to the Sahara atrocity must be revulsion, and deep sorrow for the families of those British and other hostages who were murdered in cold blood or killed in the rescue attempt.

Condemnation of the Algerian authorities for the loss of those hostages’ lives, in what has been termed a ‘bungled’ operation against the Islamist terrorists who stormed the Algerian gas complex, is nevertheless inappropriate.”

To win this great civilisational battle of our time and protect all our citizens —including Britain’s many moderate Muslims — Britain must abandon its current incoherence. That means holding the line against Sharia law in Britain, and tearing up human rights law in order to deal properly with the human wrongs of Islamic terrorists.”

Philips is right, no negotiation, no rules of engagement and forget this nonsense of “collateral damage”. War is ugly, it’s brutal, make it so much so that the enemy either surrenders or he’s killed.

Warning – Graphic

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