Education in France

Below is a link to an article from La Depeche, a French newspaper. It details the latest attack on a teacher by a “foreigner” student. I reprinted a comment, using Google translate left by a teacher.

A teacher beaten and threatened by a 15 year old student at Caussade

Working in a specialized structure called (ES MECS) is received or adolescents 13 to 18 years, I can testify that the last fifteen years, the atmosphere is highly degraded and that my colleagues and myself must face regularly insults, verbal threats, spitting and attempted physical assaults.

30 years ago when I started in the business that we already receive quite difficult youth, none of them would permit a teacher to insult let alone threaten to try to see the attack. The reason was simple: he would be dealt to the Director or another member of the educational team now.

Now we got that even where there has been abuse victims educators do not want to complain because often lead to complaints admonitions, ie simple reports to law …! By cons, if an educator to defend against an attempted assault is physically towards the young offender, it can quickly find in custody, being questioned in local police and beyond must meet a complete fingerprints, mug shots taken at a (front, side and 3/4) because it has become a criminal act are being classified offense “violence against a minor by a person in authority” and it is not finished yet SINCE he is liable, if the minor or the parents or guardians of this complaint, an appearance before the correctional court, by which he may be sentenced to jail, a large fine and also if the “victim” requested to pay the damage, liabilities and interests …! Biensur business correctionnalisées not every time, but it is still left to the desires of the so-called “victim.”

We came here because legislators who have never set foot in an establishment specialized recommended by so called experts téhoriciens large but few practitioners have decreed one day that he had to fight against abuse, in which they were right. They would still have had these lecturing legislative avoid falling into the opposite excess. It would make texts they had more balanced text that respect the work of people who work year round to educate, rehabilitate and re-socialize see children and teenagers too long left to themselves. Our job is not to beat up kids, he will deserve greater consideration especially under suspicion. Our professionalism involves us in respect of the person we want to be but we also respect. I can not stand idly by when I am in the presence of a 16 or 17 years because I did not allow him rightly to do what he wants, threatens me and tries to attack me .. ..! So much the worse, I take my responsibilities as I have always taken, but I never let a child abused, it would be the worst service him …!