How Moore, Burchill and Featherstone all had a lovely bitch fight

“The fugue of hatred poured down upon Moore, but to her credit she disdained what we might call an apology. Instead, she tweeted: ‘People can just fuck off really. Cut their dicks off and be more feminist than me. Good for them.’ You see, there is a scintilla of mistrust between traditional feminists like Moore and these arriviste liberationists — arriviste in a physical sense, at least. As you might imagine, this tweet did not placate Ms Moore’s tormentors. It made things worse. The trannies went ballistic; they threw their toys out of the pram. And that was before they read the piece written by Moore’s friend and ideological soulmate, Julie Burchill. One very witty commentator online put it thus: ‘Julie Burchill poured oil on troubled waters. Then she put some seabirds in the oil. Then she set fire to the oil.’

h/t ds