Hmmmm this seems a bit odd…

1) Seventh person in court over incident at Moghul Durbar restaurant in Leicester

They are urging people not to listen to rumours or get involved in speculation, but to report any concerns to the police.

Police added that officers investigating a separate incident, in which concerns for the welfare of a young girl were raised, are continuing to speak with the girl and her family.

Surjit Pandher (date of birth, November 18, 1984), Gurmukh Singh Cheema (June 13, 1987), Ranjit Singh (April 13, 1991), Sundeep Singh Sangha (April 16, 1987), Rajveer Sangha (May 1, 1988), and Ranvir Singh (April 13, 1991) – Sikhs don’t piss around – they don’t need the police.

2) Five men and a youth arrested in Leicester over alleged sex assault of 16-year-old girl

Specialist officers have been working with the victim and as a result of this work the investigation has moved forward into the arrest phase.

This morning, five men, aged 20, 22 25, 27 and 39, and a 15-year-old boy, were arrested from different addresses in Leicester.

3) Moghul: Noun

S: (n) Mogul, Moghul (a member of the Muslim dynasty that ruled India until 1857)