Toronto Star Gets The Vapours, Lies & Cries Racism Because Manitoba Paper Told The Truth About Idle No More

Idle No More: Manitoba newspaper gives thumbs-down to corrupt, lazy Aboriginal ‘terrorists’

That’s the Star’s headline, misleading in itself. The editor’s of the Morris Mirror in each case qualify their statements. The Morris Mirror editors plainly refer to “some” natives as being lazy, and state that  in “some cases”  natives are acting like terrorists. The Mirror’s editors also go on to state “Indians/Natives want it all but corruption and laziness prevent some of them from working for it.” 

My Goodness the Morris Mirror Told The Truth! They Must Be Racists!

Corruption – I guess the Star has never heard of Attawapiskat or any other “mismanaged” reserve
Terrorists – Anyone familiar with the Mohawk Warriors at the Star, Caledonia?
Lazy? All natives are paragons of virtue at the Star, pure as the driven snow, without human flaw or failing because after all it would be racist to state otherwise – that’s called the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.
And that makes the Politically Correct twits at the Star the real racists.