Mohamed Morsi Is a Scandal Bigger than Benghazi

“After betting the foreign-policy store on the Muslim Brotherhood as the new wave of Arab democracy in the Middle East, the Eastern Establishment and the Obama administration seem ready to cut their losses. Syria already is a failed state — no alternative government can replace the odious Basher al-Assad, and Assad cannot reunify the country — and Egypt is a failed state in waiting. The latter observation should have been obvious to anyone with a pocket calculator.

It’s no news that Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist, anti-Semitic monstrosity. The disgusting eruption of Jew-hatred from Morsi in 2010 is nothing new. What is new is the fact that the Obama administration and the New York Times are shocked — shocked — to discover the Morsi is a rabid Jew-hater.”

Interesting comment from the article: “The well intended appeasement policies of Chaimberlain (just think of the millions dead due to WW I and one might catch a glimpse of the British desire to avoid war) misread Hitler. Indeed, Chamberlain held Hitler for a bid crude, certainly no British gentleman, but a pragmatic man with whom one can make a deal and who will live up to the deal. Listening to the WH’s pacifying reactions to the revelations of Morsi’s comments on Jews, I believe to be experiencing a repeat in the same appeasement logic that was used to play down Hitler, being economically as he was in a “shut up or put up” dilemma. Here in Germany I have not read or seen in the general press anything negative about the Brotherhood. About the Salafists, yes, the Brotherhood, no! And that scares me. So, I am left to wonder about effects of the apparent affirmation of the installation of Brotherhood-ISM in the Middle East. I fear that new Chaimberlains are popping up everywhere.”