Natives as frontmen: Unscrupulous US groups are using Aboriginals for their environmental attacks

Last week was the busiest of Theresa Spence’s life. She’s the chief of the Attawapiskat Indian reserve who has been on a “hunger strike.”

Her week started with the release of a damning financial audit by Deloitte, which found that millions of dollars spent from her band finances had no paper trail. That kind of bombshell keeps you busy.

Plus: “Idle No More” & FN leaders need reminding that with “rights” come “responsibilities”

“…I am sick of it because in all the talk about what non-Aboriginal Canadians or the Canadian government should be doing “for” First Nations, I have heard nothing about their obligations and responsibilities to their own people, such as what they should be doing “FOR” themselves.”  h/t Jen

Spence & Idle Most Always Can’t Have It Both Ways