National Post Picks Up Zionist Plot Story – And Someone Is Caught In A Lie

“It was unclear whether the flyer was endorsed by the events’ organizers or if it was produced by someone acting individually.”

 However, a Facebook page for a similar, now-canceled event in Ottawa featured the flyer with the words “Zionist Plot.”

One of the organizers for the Toronto event suggested that the National Post talk with a spokesperson for the group. However, he declined to give any contact information for the spokesperson, saying that only if a reporter was sent to the event would he point out someone who could comment.

“If you can come… I can engage you with our spokesperson so he will better describe to you all that information and explain to you why it is there,” said Zahoor Hyder. “I am not giving any person’s name. Sorry about that.”

The jpeg above is the original email sent to the Shia forum advertising the protest at the Pakistani consulate, it contains the Zionist Plot poster. Guess who sent it. Zahoor Hyder. One of the “organizers” of the event as described in the Post story.  Coincidence? I think not.

And...the Toronto Zionist Plot Poster is still available on the Toronto event Facebook page.

See jpeg at left.