Coming Soon To The TDSB: Egypt’s Al Azhar University High School Text Teaches Killing & Eating Of Apostates

“This video footage is taken from a televised show on Al-Tahrir TV channel (Egypt) showing a guest quoting passages from a book – titled ‘al-Iqnaa’ (The Persuasion) – issued by al-Azhar University (one of the world’s oldest universities & the most prestigious Islamic school) being taught to Egyptian high-school students that calls for the killing of sinners – such as apostates, those who don’t pray, adulterers, and those who have a punishment set for them – as well as their eating.

The talk show host was very surprised and warned that this could be fertile ground for religious zealots who form Saudi-like committees for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to carry out such acts on Egyptian citizens.

As the Muslim Brotherhood became increasingly powerful in Egypt, such insane Wahhabi writings have made their way even into the most prestigious religious institutions in that country.

h/t GB